How to Create a Simple Thank You Page

Cloning a Page to Create a Thank You Page

A simple way to create a thank you page is by cloning one of the pages in your funnel and changing the text. To begin:

  1. First, decide which page in your funnel you want to clone. You will use it as a template for your thank you page. 
  2. Click on the three dots in the page card of the funnel you have selected and select More:

3. Then select Clone.
4. Give your new page a name like, Thank You page.
5. Click Clone.

Editing Your New Thank You Page 

The advantage of cloning a page from your funnel to create a thank you page is that it lets you maintain your brand’s colors, logo, header, footer, etc. Now that you have a new thank you page, let’s edit it to make it look like a generic thank you page! 

  1. Hover over your new Thank You page card in your dashboard and click Edit Page.
  2. Once you’re in your page builder, discard elements that your customer won’t need anymore. In this example, we can assume that the customer would have entered their details in the opt-in form so we can delete the opt-in form. Hold down shift and click all the elements in the opt-form and press delete.

3. Next, delete the image of the book.
4. We can either keep the slogan of the page or replace it with a brief thank you message. Since we want to keep the brand’s message and create a generic thank you page which you can use for all purchases, we’ll keep the slogan by moving it near the half-way mark of the page.

5.  You’ll need to add a thank you message somewhere on the page so, clone the slogan by selecting the text and clicking Clone in the top menu toolbar.

6. Move the new text above the original text and replace it with the message: Your order is on the way! Thank you for choosing Paw Central. 

7. Next, you can change the font of the text to make it stand out and center the text to the page by using the alignment tool. This is completely optional. 

8. Make sure to save your work!

Making Your Thank You Page Live and How to Use It

Now that you have a thank you page ready to go, it’s time to publish it and make it live!

  1. Publish your thank you page and give it a name you can remember it by.

2. Click View Page in the upper left-hand corner and your Thank You page will open in a new tab.
3. Return to your funnel page dashboard.
4. Open the page of your opt-in form.
5. You can place the link of your new thank you page in the Thank You Page URL section of the Configure Forms dialogue when you are creating an opt-in form:

6. You can also use the URL in your checkout forms as a place to direct customers after they’ve made a purchase.
7. You can also use the arrows in the funnel builder to connect your Thank You Page to your form or product pages so that they are added as redirect suggestions when you are setting up your form or product on a page. Please see the following tutorial for details:
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