How to Use Arrows

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Arrows can be used in the funnel builder to give you a visual way of organising your funnel, as well as giving Convertri suggestions for which page you might want to use as a redirect.

Drawing an arrow from an opt-in page to a thank you page, for example, will not only help you keep track of which page relates to which in the funnel builder. It will also add the thank you page as a suggestion in the redirect section of the opt-in’s form set up.

To draw an arrow:

  1. In the Funnels screen, click and drag the arrow in the lower right hand corner of the page card.
  2. Drop it over another page card. The arrow will snap to it.

You can have more than one arrow to or from any one page. To delete an arrow, just hover over it and click the red X.

To see your arrowed pages as suggestions:

  1. Open any page you drew an arrow from in the Page Builder.
  2. Click Forms in the top toolbar, then click Thank You Page URL in the left hand menu.
  3. Click the Suggestions dropdown, and choose one of the pages you indicated with an arrow in the funnels screen.

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