Are Your funnel Pages Set Up for E-commerce & Selling Physical Products?

Are Convertri funnel pages set up for e-commerce and selling physical products? 


Convertri isn’t really set up for physical e-commerce and yet, many of our users use Convertri to build e-commerce sites and to sell physical products. The first thing to understand is that Convertri uses a funnel cart, which means that when someone buys a product they’re sent to an upsell page, and that would show up as a separate transaction. If you create your main store, you can have many products on that page and each product can link to a separate checkout page. With Convertri’s fast funnel pages, you can have all your buyers and prospects be added to an email list. In this video, Neil will use a template and attach a product. For more information on creating a physical eCommerce store, check out this video clip and watch our training webinar, How to Create a Physical Products Store:

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