How To Stay in Control of Your Shipping

While I've never dabbled into selling physical products myself, I know from my experience on support and even from my time spent in here, that having to worry about shipping your product to the other side of the world is a real life problem for some of you.

After all, no-one wants to wake up to find they've made a sale but now need to work out how to ship a grand piano to Philadelphia.

And I'm sure you'd rather be in charge of where you do and don't send your products to. This way you aren't having to stress about offering shipping for some of these far reaching places. Or, hey, maybe there's just a certain city you really don't want to ship to. (Sorry, Philadelphia).

Luckily, Convertri lets you choose which regions you're going to ship to.

I've recorded a quick demonstration and tutorial. Check it out to find out how you can stay in total control of your shipping:

[Author: Dan Rahilly]

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