Beginners Guide to Acing UTM Tags

Our new analytics dashboard has really been cooking up a storm, and one of the new features of this is using UTM tracking. This is such a great tool for anyone who is look to understand their customers better.
But it’s a little scary at first. I know when I first saw a URL containing UTM tags, I started to sweat.

Understanding those symbols and tags seemed overwhelming and too technical. I’m sure some of the people in the Clubhouse feel the same way.

But that’s not true!

I have made you guys a help video to get you started with UTM tags, because I think everyone should be able to utilise this great tracking feature.

This video covers what a UTM Tag is, the different types, how to build them and how to make them work with your Convertri pages. It’s your one stop shop! Check out the video below.

[Author: Honor Woodley]

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