Time Saving Header and Footer Hack You Need to Know About

If you guys didn’t know, I’m one of Convertri’s support staff. That means if you’ve ever shot an email over to us, I might have answered it! It also means I get to collect hacks and time saving techniques, and I wanted to pop one my favourites in here today.

One thing we get asked a lot is if we have a button to use shared headers and footers across funnels. Convertri doesn’t have a button for this yet, as it’s quite the job to code and create. The Dev team might cry if I asked, and that’s not a pretty sight, trust me. But there is a quick hack you can use to get a shared header and footer you’re using on one funnel onto another without rebuilding it.

In three simple steps you can get that shared header and footer right in the funnel you want:

  1. Clone the funnel which has the shared header and footer in it which you would like to use elsewhere.
  2. Delete all the pages in the clone, we don’t need them now.
  3. Move all the pages you want affected by the shared header and footer into the funnel and voila, now you can use the header and footer.

You can rename your funnel and just like that, there’s no need to be recreating your headers and footers. You’ll still need update the funnel to exactly suit your needs, but this is far quicker than rebuilding!

I’ve recorded a video below where it takes me only 3 minutes to do this, and I’m taking my time! Check it out to see this hack in action:

[Author: Honor Woodley]

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