5 Top Tips for Tweaking Templates

I think templates are one of the best parts of Convertri, they are a quick way of getting your site up and running.

But what if a template doesn’t exactly fit your needs?

Sometimes you’ll see a page and love the design elements, but it’ll be in a market so far from your own.

Well never fear! I’m here to show you my five top tips for adapting templates.

In the example video I’ve included below, I show these in action. I turned our Sizzle template, which sells a healthy cookbook, into a site to sell a guide on improving your Golf Swing. This didn’t take me long at all, so in this quick 5 minute video, I thought I’d share my process.

My five tips shown in this video are:

  1. Don’t be afraid to delete something. It’s your page, only keep what matters to you.
  2. Make use of Convertri’s Pixabay integration. All I did was type in Golf and voila, I had all my images ready.
  3. Make the basic design work for you. Dive in and see how to make this design fit with your brand.
  4. Check out what’s been done for you! Publishing the template before you use it, means you can take a look under the hood for functionality our designers have already added.
  5. Just because it wasn’t on the page before, does mean you can’t add it! Your site is individual to you, so add what you think will make your business a success.

Watch the video below to see these tips in action:

[Author: Honor Woodley]

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