Don’t Overlook Convertri’s SWEETEST Template

Okay so maybe that was a cheeky little pun there, but I couldn’t resist! That is because today I want to talk about Convertri’s template set named ‘Blueberry’.

They are some of my favourite templates on offer to our Pro and Agency members.

But why are they my favourite?

Here’s 4 reasons why Blueberry is my go-to:

  1. Convertri’s Countdown Timer feature. This is so great for introducing a sense of urgency to your customer and included on every Blueberry page. I add this to every page anyway, but it’s always easier when it’s built in.
  2. A fresh, vibrant colour scheme. I like my brand to feel bright and fun, so users can really get a feel for what I am about.
  3. Action and Events built in. Why fiddle around, let Convertri do it for you.
  4. Testimonial space. You can show off how great your business is, and get more leads.

I have recorded a quick little video of me messing around with the templates, take a look!

[Author: Honor Woodley]

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