Video Player Overview

Video Tutorial:


If you don’t want to use YouTube or Wistia, Convertri’s built-in video player lets you display self-hosted videos on your pages for faster loading and smoother playback.

[PRO AND AGENCY ACCOUNTS ONLY] - Uploading a Video to Convertri

Pro and Agency users have access to Convertri’s upload feature, which lets you upload your videos to include in your pages.

You can find this in the Dashboard. Click on Videos in the left hand menu, then click Upload to upload your video. Once you’ve uploaded your video, you can then choose it as a source for your video element in the Page Builder.

Adding a Self-Hosted Video to Your Page

In the Page Builder, open the elements tray and choose Media > Video.

Video source - enter the URL of your self-hosted video.

[PRO AND AGENCY ACCOUNTS ONLY] Select your video - choose your video from your uploaded media.

Autoplay - toggle autoplay to on to force the video to play on page load. This will show additional options that will let you choose whether the video autoplays on desktop, mobile or both. Click Additional Autoplay Settings for more options, including autoplay on mute, restart on unmute, autoplay only once and continue offscreen.

Show playback controls - toggles play button and timestamps.

When the video ends - choose from the dropdown to freeze the video on its final frame, or to loop playback.

Toggle sticky - switch on to make the video stick as the user scrolls down the page. This will show additional options that will let you choose whether the video is sticky on desktop, mobile or both, its position on the page, and your video’s size.

Tap to Fullscreen on Mobile - toggle on to let the user fullscreen the video with one tap on mobile.


Pro and Agency account users can change the skin of their video player to better suit their page design.

With your video selected, go to Element Properties > Player Properties. Here, you can choose the video skin from the dropdown menu, choose background colour, and set a video thumbnail from the images you’ve uploaded to the Media Gallery.

Aspect Ratios
Convertri offers the chance for you to edit the aspect ratio of your video, rather than having to resize and guess it yourself. With your video selected, go to Element Properties > Positioning. The bottom option on this page is a list of aspect ratios which you can choose from the dropdown and your video will automatically adjust. Convertri offers five pre-set aspect ratios and then the final option in the dropdown is ‘Custom’ which is where you can resize the video player however you wish.