How to Set Default Text Styles



Configuring default text styles can save you time when it comes to designing your page.

  1. In the Page Builder, click on Page in the top toolbar, then click Default Text Styles.
  2. You’ll see tabs labelled Paragraph, Heading 1, Heading 2, and Hyperlink. Click on each of these to choose the font, formatting and color of the default text for each of these styles.
  3. Click Done.

Any existing default text on your page will update automatically. When adding a text element, use the More dropdown in the Text Toolbar to configure whether the text is a Paragraph or a Heading style, and add a link to your text to change it to the Hyperlink style.

This is a great way to apply changes across a whole page. For example, if you wished to set the default font scaling on mobile to 105% across all text elements, just make sure they are set to the text style you are updating (e.g. Paragraph or Heading 1) and choose the desired font scaling. This will change automatically when you click Done. It’s a quick fix and solves you from editing over and over.

Tip:  If you've selected a special font for some text, that will over-rule the default style, so changing the default style won't affect it.


When Convertri generates the mobile version of a page, it automatically scales text to 150% for a smaller screen. This is to more accurately reflect mobile scaling: on most screens, 18pt on mobile looks the same as 12pt on desktop.

If this doesn’t look exactly what you expect, or you want something a little different, you can use font scaling to change the size of text on the mobile version.

NOTE: If you select text within a paragraph, the whole paragraph gets resized.  You can resize individual paragraphs within text boxes, but you cannot resize individual words within paragraphs.

1. In the Page Builder’s Mobile view, click inside the text element you wish to edit.

2. Select the text you want resized. In the Quick Actions toolbar, choose the font size scaling percentage to preview how your text will look on mobile.

You can also change the entire default text styling for the page by changing the font size scaling within the default text style menu.

To do this:

1. Open the ‘Page’ menu from the top toolbar.

2. Then go to ‘Default Text Styles’.

3. From here you can edit the font size scaling on mobile for your entire page, simply chose the option that you want from the dropdown.