How To Text Align In The Mobile Editor



In this article we will be covering how to change mobile text alignment. First, go to the mobile view of your page. Then enable Allow text editing in mobile mode, to do so:

Click on ‘Editor’ in the top toolbar menu. The Editor Settings dialog box will open, then navigate to the Text tab and toggle ON ‘Allow text editing in mobile mode’.

NOTE: Editing text on mobile mode might affect the desktop view of your page. Ensure you check both views after making changes. However, in this case you are not editing the property of an element itself. So editing text alignment won’t affect the text alignment in the desktop view.

After allowing text on mobile mode, select the text element. A quick action toolbar at the top will appear where you can see the option to to align the text element to the left, center, right or justify.

These are your alignment options. 

• Choose the far-left option for left text alignment.

• The next along is center text alignment, and on the right of that is right text alignment. 

• The final option, on the far right, is to justify text alignment, which aligns the text to the text element's margin. 

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