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Text formatting can make a huge difference to your page, so let’s talk about the basic text formatting you can do on your Convertri page. So first, open up your page builder and highlight the text you wish to edit. You will see this bar:

The option on the far left is for font selection. Click the arrow and you will see all the available fonts to change your text to. If you want a wider selection watch our video here for how to import Google Fonts. 

Select one and your highlighted text will become this font.

The next option along the bar is for text size. You can see here that it is at 50. This can be changed by typing in the text size or choosing a number size from the drop-down arrow next to the number 50.

The square next to that is the colour picker which allows you to change the colour of your text. You can select this and the window seen here will pop-up. The rainbow bar on the left allows you to select different colours, which can then be tonally edited using the middle box by selecting different areas within this box. The bar on the right allows you move up and down to decide the transparency levels of the text. Previous color choices can be seen as small squares at the bottom. This will change live, so you can see exactly how the colour looks on your page without clicking on and off. If you have a specific RGB colour code you would like to use, this can be pasted where the current code is. When you have selected your colour, click select to secure your choice. [Also see Using Colour History]

The next options along the text formatting bar are the ‘B’ icon for bold text, the ‘I’ icon for italics and the ‘U’ for underlining text.

Next along the bar we see these options, which are for alignment. The one of the far left is for right alignment, then centre alignment and then right alignment. The option on the far right is labelled ’justify’ and this will align the text to the margin.

The button option next to these alignment icons looks like a small chain-link and is for turning a piece of text into a hyperlink. This means that when someone clicks on your text, they will be taken to the site you have inputted in the hyperlink options. When you click on this chain link you will be taken to the hyperlink options.

Copy and paste in the URL of the site which you want someone to be taken to when they click on the text. You can title it for reference and then toggle on or off the options for this site being opened in a new tab and whether the URL parameters are passed on. Click save on this box, as well as saving on the page itself to apply these changes.

Next to the hyperlink icon is the final formatting option this article will be talking about, bullet points. These can be turned on or off by clicking this button. Clicking the small arrow next to this option will bring up this option box. In here the symbol can be edited for size, and in the marker type drop down, an image can be uploaded to be used in the place of the marker symbols provided by Convertri.

The option ‘ More’ at the end is covered in our advanced formatting video, which can be found here (hyperlink this). That’s it for basic formatting!

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