How to Set Up Delayed Retargeting on Videos

Video Tutorial:


Delayed retargeting lets you run a script, like a Facebook pixel, after your viewer has watched your video for an amount of time you specify. This way, you only target your most engaged viewers, who have sat through enough of your video to be a potential lead.

First, we’ll add your script.

  1. In the Page Builder, click the Page button in the top toolbar. Then, click Custom Scripts. Click Add Page Script.
  2. Give your script a name, and a description if you want. Then, paste in your script’s code. Toggle Run on Page Load to Off: this is important.
  3. Click Save, then Done.

Next, we’ll add a video.

  1. Click or drag a video element onto your page, and enter its source URL. If you’re a Pro or Agency user, you can click to choose from videos you’ve uploaded to Convertri from the Dashboard.
  2. Exit Video Properties, and go into Actions and Events. Click Add New Action, and configure the action as follows:
    Event Type - Video Time, Video Passes Time Marker (enter the number of hours, minutes or seconds before the script should fire)
    Action - Script (Run Target Script)
    Target - (your script name)
  3. Click Done. You’ll need to Save and Publish your page before your script takes effect.

Now, when a prospect watches your video, your retargeting script will fire after the time you specified has elapsed.