Analytics Overview

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If you’d like to keep track of your pages’ view count, conversion details, and other statistics, you can do so in the Funnel editor or Split Test view.

  1. In the Dashboard, click the funnel containing the page you want to view analytics for.
  2. Here you’ll see any pages you’ve published will have their conversion rates displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the page card. For more details, click the three dot menu on the page card.
  3. Click Conversion Details.

Here, you’ll be able to see the total conversions, visitors and conversion rate for your published page.

You can also choose which element(s) on your page will trigger a conversion. For example, if you have multiple links and a form attached to your page, you can switch off the links to make only leads captured via your form count towards the conversion rate. You can also reset the conversion details.

There are three scenarios in which you won't see a conversion rate. These are:

  • If the page is published, but there have been no visits yet (besides the author, whose visits are filtered out)
  • If the page is published, but there are no outbound links on it, and no buttons (i.e. nothing that Convertri can track as a successful conversion)
  • If the page has not yet been published

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