How to Add Scripts

Video Tutorial:

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Adding scripts gives your site extra functionality. You can add scripts at account, domain, funnel and page level. Adding scripts at one level will not affect the levels above it. For example, adding a script at page level will not affect that page's funnel or domain. Adding a script at domain level will affect all funnels and pages within that domain. Adding a script at your account level will affect all your funnels and pages on all of your domains.

NOTE: You MUST republish all pages after adding scripts for it to work.

  1. In the Page Builder, click on Page in the top toolbar, then click on Custom Scripts.
  2. Scripts can be added to Page, Account, Domain and Funnel level. Choose the tab of the level you want your script to be on.
  3. Click Add Page Script. Give your script a name (this is important: it allows your script to be targeted by Actions and Events). Add a description, choose whether you want the script to run on page load, and choose the script position. If you are unsure where to put it, choose Body.
  4. Paste the code of your script into the box, and click Save.
  5. Your script will be added, and a small red indicator will remind you that you need to republish your page(s) before you see the changes. You'll need to do this for every page your script affects.