How to Use Page and Funnel Templates

Video Tutorial:


You don’t have to face a blank page. Convertri has an extensive library of templates to choose from, for entire funnels as well as individual pages, and they’re easy to use with just a click of your mouse.

When you create a new funnel in Convertri, you’ll be taken to the Funnel Templates screen. Here you’ll be given the choice to use one of our collections, or create a funnel from scratch. Choosing a funnel template automatically populates your new funnel with a set of matching pages for your chosen niche: everything you need for your sales funnel, built for you in seconds. All you need to do is edit each page exactly how you want it to look.

If you decide to create a funnel from scratch, or add another page into your pre-built funnel down the line, you’ll be taken to the Page Template screen.

These are individual pages you can quickly plug into your funnel for a professional result. We have templates for opt-ins, thank yous, landing pages, sales pages and more - and we add extra ones every week.

To create a new funnel from a template:

  1. In the funnels screen, click Create Funnel.
  2. Click Preview under a funnel you like to preview the pages, and how they’re connected. Arrows indicate the next stage your visitors will be taken to after completing an action on that page: click here to learn more.
  3. Click Create this Funnel.
  4. Enter a name for your funnel, and choose the domain you want to add it to. Click Create.

You’re now ready to edit and publish the pages in your new funnel.

To add a new page from a template:

  1. Create a new funnel, or navigate to the funnel you want to add a page to.
  2. Click New Page.
  3. Click Preview under a page you like to preview how it looks.
  4. Click Use this Template.
  5. Add a name for your page, and click OK.

Your page will appear in your funnel, and is now ready to edit and publish.