Funnel Builder Overview

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Convertri works on a system of sites, which contain funnels, which contain pages. Funnels can function as collections of pages: useful if you have multiple products or sales processes.

In the Dashboard, log in and you'll see the Funnels screen. Click on the funnel you wish to edit, click the dropdown and filter your funnels by site, or click Create New, enter a name for your new funnel and click Create.

The Funnel Builder contains all your pages, and is where you can see and edit your funnel.

Page Cards

These are your pages. They update with any changes you save, so you can see your whole site at a glance. You can display them in Freeform View, Grid View  or List View

Grid view -  you can now choose to snap your page cards to a grid layout for easier organisation. Just choose this view from the dropdown in your funnel’s screen.

The List View option will allow you to view the pages in your funnel in a list layout, rather than the page card layout.

When in Grid View or List View you can also sort your pages by Alphabetical, Recent, Highest Converting and Most Traffic, so give those a look for greater insights into your funnel’s performance. Find the dropdown in your funnel’s screen.

Conversion Rate

In the bottom left hand corner of the page card is the conversion rate. This will only display if your page is published, and has a form attached (e.g. you are set up to receive signups or product purchases).


In the bottom right hand corner of the page card is the arrow button. Click to add a new arrow, and drag it to another page card. This will add this page to a list of suggestions for page redirects, making it easier to link up thank you and upsell pages.  Click here to learn more.

Three Dot Menu

Next to the page title is the three dot menu. Click to expand the options.

Start a Split Test – begins a split test and creates two identical variants of the page, which you can then modify.

Preview – previews the published version of the page.

Conversion Details – displays conversions and lets you choose actions you want to count towards the conversion rate.

Copy Published Link – copies the page's URL to the clipboard, if it is published.

Remove from sitemap – A sitemap is a file that provides information about your pages, videos, and files on your site, and the relationships between them. This option allows you to remove your page and its information from your sitemap.

Unpublish – reverts your page to an unpublished or 'draft' version.

Delete – permanently deletes your page. This cannot be undone.

More – click to expand more options, including:

  • Rename – allows you to change your page title

  • Export – this will let you export your page in HTML and may be used on any webserver simply by uploading the exported HTML file or pasting its contents in the target file

  • Actions – let you clone your page , share your page via a share code or URL, move your page to another funnel, or delete your page.

Additionally, you can now also save your funnel builder designs as templates, so you can use them over and over again. 

To do so:

Navigate to the Funnel Designer dashboard, you can find it in the left side menu in the Campaigns dashboard. If you have any existing designs click on the ‘More’ option on the right site of your design. Otherwise you will need to create or import a design.

Click on the ‘SAVE AS TEMPLATE’ tab in the dialogue, then enter a name for your template and then click on Save.

A confirmation will appear at the bottom part of your screen saying your template has been saved to your funnel library.

You will find it in your funnel library when you go to the Funnels dashboard, and click on ‘Create New’ to create a new funnel:

In the ‘My Saved Funnel Designs’ section on the Create New Funnel screen.

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