2. How to Create Your First Funnel



Now you have your first site set up on a Convertri subdomain, it’s time to make your first funnel.

  1. In the Dashboard, you will see Funnels. As you are creating your first funnel, none will be listed yet.

  1. Click Create New to create a new funnel. You can either select a Funnel Design, an Imported Funnel or click on  ‘Create A Funnel From Scratch’ .

    In the Funnel Designs section you can select a funnel per type - such as opt-in or sales.

  2. Enter a name for your funnel.
  3. Select a Domain for your funnel from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click Create.

  5. You’ll automatically be taken to the Funnels screen, click on New Page to select a page template or Create a Page from Scratch.

  6. Next, choose a template from our Template Selector or go it alone and click Create Page from Scratch. 
  7. Click on the eye icon to preview any template or hover your mouse and click select to use the page template. In the preview, click Close Preview, or Use This Template to apply it. 

  1. Enter a name for your page, and click OK.

  1. You’ll be taken back to the Funnels screen, where you can see all the pages within the funnel.

Next, you can click on the page card to enter the Page Builder and edit, or click New Page to add another page.

Connecting Pages

Convertri makes it easy to connect your pages using arrows in the Funnels screen. This makes it easier to find pages you want to use for a post-purchase redirect. (A post-purchase redirect is the URL your customer is automatically taken to after they enter their payment information and click your ‘submit’ or ‘buy’ button. It can be any URL you like.)

You’re not limited to one: connect multiple pages to the same page with arrows (e.g. for upsells or downsells), and Convertri will let you choose later on which page you want as the redirect.

  1. In the Funnels screen, find the page you want to use as your checkout or sales page. You’ll see an arrow in the bottom right corner of the page card.
  2. Click and drag a new arrow from this page to the page you want to use as your post-purchase redirect.
  3. If you want to delete your arrow later, hover over it and click the red X.

Linking pages tells Convertri to suggest this page as a post-submission redirect. That means when you are editing pages in the Forms tab, you can choose any linked page from the Suggestions dropdown - instead of remembering the entire URL.


If you do have an existing/multiple funnels you can filter the funnel display by ‘Filter by Domain’ or  you can arrange them ‘Alphabetically’ or from most ‘Recent’. Also you can search for a funnel by Name or use a URL of a page published in the funnel you are searching for.

You can now also save your funnel builder designs as templates, so you can use them over and over, click here for more details.

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