How to Create a Blog via Wordpress


There are times when you might want a blog on a site as well as your Convertri pages (just like us, at You can add a blog to your site by integrating Wordpress.

The easiest and most efficient way to do this is via the Convertri Wordpress plugin. This will let you display your Convertri pages on your Wordpress site, and is the best option if you want all your pages to be shown on your main domain (e.g., or if you don’t want to set up a custom domain on Convertri.

NOTE: your pages may load slightly slower if you do this, because Wordpress will need to load before Convertri can load the page.

  1. Set up Wordpress as normal on
  2. Install the Convertri Connector Wordpress plugin. You can find it in the Account section of your Dashboard, or click here for a tutorial.
  3. Publish your Convertri pages on any subdomain of that you like. Your viewers will never see this URL, so it doesn’t matter.
  4. Create a new page on your Wordpress site, and use the Convertri plugin to add the Convertri page you’d like to appear there.

If you want your blog or Convertri pages to appear on subdomains, i.e., you have a couple of other options.

Publish your Blog to a Subdomain

Having your Convertri pages on your main site and putting your blog on a subdomain, such as, is the best option when your product or service is the main focus.

  1. Set up as a custom domain in Convertri. (See the guide for doing that here)
  2. Set up Wordpress (or whatever blogging system you want to use) on Note that because your blog isn’t a Convertri service,you’ll need your own hosting for this. It won’t matter that you’ve pointed www to Convertri. This ONLY affects pages that are on, not other subdomains.

Publish Convertri to a Subdomain

Alternatively, publish your Convertri pages to a subdomain such as, and install your blog on your main domain. This is best if your blog is what most people want to see when visiting your site(for instance, for content marketing), and then you want to redirect them to your Convertri pages from the blog itself.

  1. Set up Wordpress (other blogging systems are available) as normal onto
  2. Set up the subdomain you’d like your Convertri pages published to, e.g. Find out how to set up a subdomain by clicking here.