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This article is a full Webinar JEO walkthrough, from integrating to setting up your webinar form at page level with Webinar JEO in Convertri. 

To get started:

1. Go to the Account Dashboard and select Integrations from the left-hand menu. Scroll down until you see the Webinar JEO option and then click on it.
2. This will open and you’ll see two boxes you need to fill out. These are the log-in details you use to access your Webinar JEO account. Enter these and hit Save.
3. Once you’ve done this, there will be a green tick next to the Webinar JEO integration option, showing the integration was successful.
4. Open a new tab and log-into Webinar JEO. You will see this screen: 

5. Here you will able to see the webinars you have scheduled in your account. You can manage your webinars and create new ones using the icon labelled ‘ Setup New Webinar'. When we get to Convertri’s page builder in the next few steps, you will be able to select one of these scheduled webinars to connect to your page. Please be aware that if you don’t set a date and time in the future that the webinar is going to happen within Webinar JEO, Convertri won’t be able to recognize your webinar.
NOTE: Webinar JEO does not allow registering participants via their API for webinars whose Watch Now switch is toggled OFF. Make sure Watch Now is toggled ON so that Convertri can see it, and you'll be able to include it in your forms.
6. Once you have made the webinar you need, go back to Convertri and open the Funnel and then Page where you wish to add the form to.
7. The minimum two elements you will need to create a form is an Email Input Box and a Sign-Up Button. You can add these to the page by going to the Elements tray and clicking on Form Elements. In here is an Email element and Submit element you can add to the page. You can then change the Submit button’s mode to Sign Up.
8. Once you have these, select Forms from the top menu bar. Next, select Webinars and then Webinar JEO. You will see the box below: 

9. You can see the Fields which you added to your page, such as Email and First Name. At the top, you have the option to select one of the scheduled webinars from the drop-down menu. These are the ones we made earlier; they must be scheduled to occur in the future. 
10. Here you need to map the Form Fields which you added on the page. This ensures that your autoresponder service understands the information which the user is giving it. This means using the dropdown next to the Form Fields to select the kind of information they are, such as the respondent's First Name. For more information on this, go here. When you are happy with this, click Next.
11. You will be taken to the Thank You Page URL tab where you can decide whether you want the user to be sent to a Thank You page when they have filled in your form or if you if you want them to stay on the page. If you want them to stay on the same page, toggle the Stay On Page’ option to on. If you don't want that, enter the URL of a Thank You page you have made so they can be taken there.
12. Click Done and a red tick will appear near to the Forms icon, showing you that your form with Webinar JEO is set up and ready to be published.
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