Form Fields Overview

To get a form working on your Convertri page, first you’ll need to map the form fields to the form inputs. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

Form inputs are the elements you drag onto your page for your prospects to enter their details. For example:

  • text input (first name, last name, email address, etc)
  • credit card input
  • multiline text input (longer text such as shipping information)

Moreover, Telephone number form field inputs now accept numbers with hyphens. 

Previously, form submission wouldn’t work if you put anything else but numbers in there, but now it will accept hyphenated telephone numbers such as 555-555. 

Imagine each field of your form is a colourful block of a different shape.

Form fields, on the other hand, are configurable in the Forms dialog. You can’t edit these in Convertri: the app fetches them from your third-party autoresponder, or from the code in your HTML form. Form fields are categories used to sort the information submitted in your form.

Imagine these form fields are differently shaped holes.

Form Fields Mapping

We link up the right shapes with the right holes through “form field mapping”. Unlike deciding what form fields you have, this can be done in Convertri: you just select your form input element, and choose the corresponding form field in its Properties panel.

So, what happens if this isn’t done right?

Basically speaking, form field mapping is you telling Convertri what information you want put where, and the shapes have to match up to the correct holes.

If you match up the email form input with the First Name form field, for example, when you come to read that data later on - or call on it to display the recipient’s name in an email - it’s not going to display the information you expect.

Another way of thinking about it is like hooking up old speakers to a television set: red cable means left audio, yellow cable means right audio. Plug them into the wrong holes and cars sound like they’re moving in one direction when driving in the other.

Customising Form Fields

Your autoresponder might come with some form fields locked, which means you can’t change the type of information in that category (email is a common one).

Others are flexible, and you can change the name of the category to the type of information you want to collect to make sorting the data easier. For instance, if you don’t need someone’s last name but want them to write their favourite colour, you can rename the last name category (or use it anyway and remember that ‘last name’ field is where the colours go).

You can add, remove, or rename form fields in your third party autoresponder. You can usually find these settings under a name like Forms. It’s a good idea to include only the form fields you need, because Convertri imports all the form fields associated with the form on your list and if you include them all it might look confusing on the other end.

All you need to remember about forms is to map your fields, and you should be good to go!

NOTE: If you’ve got more than one form entry field on your page with the same TYPE, Convertri will send the one that has the most data in it.  So if you’re using an API, you can have multiple forms on your page all attached to the same list, and Convertri will always send the data from the one that’s been filled in.

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