Field Types: What Do They Do?


All text input boxes on Convertri pages have a TYPE that you can configure using the Properties Panel.

For instance, here, the TYPE of the text input box is ‘First Name’.

When you set the TYPE in the forms dialog here:

You’re telling Convertri to populate this autoresponder field with the data from the text input box with that TYPE.

So here, we’re telling Convertri to send the data your visitor enters in the text input box with the ‘First Name’ TYPE set into the ‘First Name’ field of your autoresponder.

You can also set up hidden fields by setting the TYPE to ‘Query String’ and then entering the query string parameter you’d like to send to that field of your autoresponder.

Important things to know:

  • You don’t need to assign a TYPE to every available field.  If you leave the TYPE in the forms dialog set to ‘None’, no data will be sent to that field of the autoresponder.
  • Some types are fixed by the autoresponder.  Where they are, we’ve pre-filled these in the Forms dialog for you.  (Like with the ‘Email’ field in the above screenshot).
  • If you’ve got more than one form entry field on your page with the same TYPE, Convertri will send the one that has the most data in it.  So if you’re using an API, you can have multiple forms on your page all attached to the same list, and Convertri will always send the data from the one that’s been filled in.

You can find a full guide on setting up forms here.