Full Walkthrough - Connecting a Wordpress membership site to Convertri

This video series shows how to create a membership site in Wordpress and connect it to Convertri.  This walkthrough uses Elementor and the Astra theme.

Video 1 - Introduction

This video covers what you'll be shown through the rest of the video series.

Video 2 - Convertri

This video shows the setup required inside Convertri.

Video 3 - Setting up Wordpress

This video shows you how to set up Wordpress and connect your Wordpress hosting to your Convertri DNS.

Download - Search terms for plugins

Video 4 - Creating the Membership Site

This video shows you how to build the membership site in Wordpress using Elementor.

Download - json file

Download - additional CSS

Video 5 - Zapier

This video shows you how to set up your zaps.

NOTE:  This video was created before there was a native Zapier integration with Convertri.  You should now use this rather than this method.

Download - Zap data

Video 6 - Putting Everything Live

This video shows you how to push your funnel live once everything's been tested.