How to Add a Client

Video Tutorial:


If you have an Agency account, you can create pages as a service for anyone who needs a website, sales funnel, or just a landing page. You do this by creating sub-accounts for every project you need, which keeps all your scripts and images for that project separate from your main account.

You can also add your client to their project, so they can follow along with what’s happening. They’ll have Limited Access, which means they’ll only be able to view and edit the pages within that sub-account, and will not be able to create new ones.

1. Click on Account in the top right corner of the Dashboard, then click Sub-Accounts in the left-hand menu. (This is also where you add and archive sub-accounts.)

2. Click Switch To next to the sub-account you need.

3. You’re now in the dashboard for that sub-account. This looks exactly like the dashboard for your main account, with one vital difference:  click on the Accounts screen, and in the left-hand menu, the Team tab has now been replaced with a Clients tab. Click on it now.

4. Click Add Client. 

5. Enter their name and email, and click OK.

Your client will be emailed a link to set their Convertri password, so they can log in at any time and view their site in progress.