Sub-Accounts Overview

Note: this feature is currently only available to Agency users.

Video Tutorial:


Sub-accounts let you manage Convertri pages for several clients or businesses. They look like individual accounts but are controlled by your main account, letting you switch focus while each major project is under its own roof.

Each sub-account you create has its own sites, forms, integrations and images. Beware: your collections of scripts, videos and permissions in your main account won’t migrate automatically.

Add a sub-account:

  1. Click Account in the top right corner of the Dashboard, then click Sub-Accounts on the left-hand panel.
  2. Click on Add Sub-Account.
  3. Enter a name, and click OK.
  4. To go the account, click on the Switch To button.
  5. You’ll have to go through the normal steps you would do whenever you create an account with Convertri.
  6. From here, everything works as normal and you’re all set.

Congratulations! It’s a sub-account. From this page, you can search, add, remove, rename and archive your sub-accounts easily.

The beauty of sub-accounts is they let you add your clients as team members and keep them separate from your other projects. They’ll have all the permissions they need, but your other clients’ work is kept private.

Add clients to a sub-account:

  1. Go to the Sub-Account panel and click Switch To next to the sub-account you need.
  2. You’re now in the dashboard for that sub-account. This looks exactly like the dashboard for your main account, with one vital difference: on the left-hand menu, the Team tab has now been replaced with a Clients tab. Click on it now.
  3. Click Add Client.
  4. Enter their name and email, and click OK.

Your client now has Limited Access to that sub-account - this means they can edit pages, but not create new ones.

Archive a sub-account:

If your client relationship has ended - you’re still talking, we hope - you can remove sub-accounts, but not permanently.

Tip: if you’re active in the sub-account you want to archive, click on Sub-Accounts in the left hand menu of your dashboard and switch to your Main Account before proceeding.

  1. Click on Sub-Accounts in the left hand menu of your dashboard.
  2. Click Archive next to the sub-account you want to delete, and click OK.
  3. Your sub-account will now disappear from the list.

Click on Show Archived to show any sub-accounts you’ve removed from your list, and if you realise you’ve made a horrible mistake and you and your client are on speaking terms again, you can restore your sub-account and everything that went with it by clicking Restore next to its name.