Team Members Overview

Video Tutorial:

Note: this feature is currently only available to Pro and Agency users


It’s easy to add evil overlords or groveling henchmen (delete as appropriate) to your project, and you can add as many as you like for world domination at maximum efficiency.

  1. Click on the Account tab on the top-right menu, and click on Team on the left-hand panel. This will display all existing Team Editors and Team Managers.
  2. Click Add New User in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Enter their name and E-mail. This will be the email address that they use to log in. PLEASE NOTE: You cannot give access to an email address with a pre-existing Convertri account.
  4. Once you’ve confirmed their details, Convertri will ask you if you’d like to set their permissions. Grant them access to as many sites as you want (the Toggle All button in the top right hand corner is handy if you really trust your team.) Blue means they are added to the site, a light grey means they’re excluded.
  5. Click Save.You can edit permissions, add or remove team members, and make them managers or delete them forever at any time by clicking on Team in the left hand panel.

To make a Team Editor a Team Manager:

  1. Click ‘Make Manager’ on your chosen team member. PLEASE NOTE: Making someone a team manager gives them power to add or remove Team Members.
  2. Finally, to choose whether you want the dashboard to display Team Managers, Team Editors or both: Simply use the checkboxes to customise who is displayed.