Split Testing Overview

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Split testing is an excellent way to test copy, design or any other features on your page when you want to find out how they perform.

Convertri includes a simple but powerful split testing feature which automatically duplicates a page, lets you make changes to those variants, and measures conversion rate. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. In the Dashboard, click on Campaigns to navigate to your Funnels.
  2. Choose the Funnel you want to test and click Edit.
  3. Click the three dot menu on the page, and then select Start a Split Test.
  4. A message will appear asking if you’re sure. Click OK.

Split Testing Dialog

You’ll immediately be taken to the split testing dialog, where your page will have been split into two variants. You can see both variants A and B side by side, as well as conversion rates and visitor totals.

When your split test has started, Convertri will automatically split inbound visitors 50/50 between the two variants: you don’t need to do anything else.

Page cards

Open up each variant in Pages to make the changes you want to test. For example, if you want to test the background image, open up variant B in the Page Builder and change the background image, keeping the original in variant A. Once you publish one variant, Convertri will automatically publish both.

If you click the three dot menu on the page card, there are some other options:

Preview – lets you see a preview of changes you’ve made before publishing.

Conversion Details - displays conversion details for that variant, and lets you choose which element(s) on your page will trigger a conversion. For example, if you have multiple links and a form attached to your page, you can switch off the links to make only leads captured via your form count towards the conversion rate. You can also reset the conversion details.

Stop the Split Test - when your split test is over and you’ve decided on a winner, click to keep the variant you want to keep and Convertri will stop splitting traffic and only send visitors to the winning variant.

TIP: Convertri does not keep a record of losing variants or their conversion rates, so if you need to keep this information, please note of it before you click Stop Split Testing.

Conversion Results

Below the page cards, you’ll see your split test’s current results. Split tests run as long as you want: Convertri will not stop the test until you click to do so.

Conversions - is the number of total conversions measured on both variants.

Visitors – is the number of unique visitors to both variants.

Conversion Rate - the number of visitors who completed the action you specified in each variant’s Conversion Details (see the three dot menu).

Active Split Testing

When you have an active split test on one of your pages, that page card on the Funnels screen will be a split of the two variants. You can return to the Split Testing Dialog at any time by clicking the test tube in the bottom left hand corner of the page card.

Traffic Split

When you have an active split test on one of your pages, you can now decide how much traffic you want to send to each variant of your page.

To change the traffic split for your split test all you need to do is drag the slider either to the left or to the right, depending on which variant you want to have more traffic sent to it.

You can change the traffic split in 10% increments, in this example Variant A will receive 30% of the traffic, meaning Variant B will receive 70% of the traffic.

Please Note: You will need to republish your pages after you have set your traffic split percentages in order for the changes to take place.