How to Create a New Funnel from a Shared Template

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Convertri users can share funnels with share codes, just like individual pages. Sharing is useful for importing ready-to-go funnels as well as templates made by someone else, but it’s also a useful feature for creating templates and “sharing” them with yourself if you need to create the same kind of funnel over and over.

To learn how to generate share codes for funnels you’ve created, click here.

To create a funnel from a shared template:

  1. In the Funnels screen, click Import Funnel.
  2. Enter your funnel template’s share code. Click Import.
  3. You’ll see a message letting you know the template has been added to your template library. If you want to create the funnel now, click Create Now. If you’re not ready, click Do it Later.

Clicking Create Now will prompt a dialog asking you to name your funnel, and choose the domain you want to create it on.

If you click Do it Later, you can find your imported funnel template in the Create New Template screen, underneath the Convertri template library.

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