How to Create a 1-Click Upsell

Video Tutorial:


With 1-click upsells, customers who have already purchased from you can do so again with just one click. The first step is to configure your upsell:

  1. Create your upsell page in the Page Builder, then click Products in the top toolbar.
  2. Choose the product you want to upsell, and check the box labelled: ‘this product is a 1-click upsell’.

  1. Set your credit card statement message and redirect URL.
  2. Click Done.

The next step is to configure the main product you want to upsell from. To do this, open up a new tab, or click Save on your upsell page before you exit.

  1. Open your main product’s purchase page in the Page Builder, and click on Products in the top toolbar.
  2. If you haven’t already, choose the main product you want to sell and enter a credit card statement message. Then, enter your upsell page’s URL in the Redirect URL box.
  3. Click Done, and don't forget to hit Publish to see your changes take effect.

Now, whenever customers buy your main product, they’ll automatically be redirected to your upsell product, and when they click your Buy button the Convertri cookie remembers their payment details from earlier - and that’s why we call it a 1-click upsell!