How To Show Dynamic Cart Information in The Form Widget



The cart information is very essential for a customer to see before they go ahead and purchase what you are selling. This is to make sure they know what they are going to purchase and how much it is. If you haven’t set up your Form Widget before click here for the overview.

To add the cart information using a form widget:

1.       In the Form Elements Panel, click Form Widget, the Form Builder will appear.

2.      Go down to Button Settings, and toggle on the Include button in this form.

3.       Set the Button Mode to Purchase.

4.      You can change the Label to “Buy Now” or anything you want.

5.      Toggle on Show Cart Info, once done click Save.

If a discount is being applied to the product, through either a permanent discount or a coupon, show cart info displays the sub-total above and then the total below as crossed out and displays the post-discount total next to it.

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