How to Show Elements After Video Time Marker

Video Tutorial:


Sometimes, you want to show an element like a buy button after a certain point of the video. With most page editors, you can only do this by making the page wait until the time you specify (30 seconds, for example) has elapsed, so if your prospect rewinds the video or joins late, they still only see the buy button 30 seconds after they arrive.

With Convertri’s actions and events, you can tie your element’s appearance to the 30 second mark in your video, so it always appears when the viewer is watching the video, even if they've pause it for a while or skip forwards.

  1. First, click or drag a video element onto your page, and enter its source URL. If you’re a Pro or Agency user, you can click to choose from videos you’ve uploaded to Convertri from the Dashboard.
  2. Next, add the element you want to appear after the video has passed the time marker. It can be anything you like - an image, a layer, a Buy button, or anything at all.
  3. With your element selected, go to Properties > General Properties, and give your element a name. Set its visibility to Start Hidden by using the Quick Actions toolbar.
  4. Next, select your video and go to the Properties panel > Actions and Events. Click Add New Action, and configure the action as follows:
    Event Type - Video Time, Video Passes Time Marker (enter the number of hours, minutes or seconds your element should appear from)
    Action - Show
    Target - (your element name)
  5. Save, and Preview your page.

Your video will start playing, and you will be able to scrub back and forth, only seeing your element after the time marker you specified.