How to Set Up Affiliate Funnel Share

Video Tutorial:


When you share a link to a funnel you’ve created, you can receive commission if anyone who tries to view it purchases Convertri.

  • you will get 30% of every payment made by any account created thanks to any of your affiliate links
  • commission is paid on Fridays, 30 days after payment
  • if your signup asks for a refund (or partial refund) of their payment, you’ll get commission of the original payment minus the refunded amount
  • signups that do not enter a payment method to continue to the free trial will not generate any commission for you as they can't be charged until they setup their payment method

Here’s how to set up affiliate funnel sharing:

  1. In the Dashboard, click on Affiliate in the top toolbar. (You don’t need to turn the Powered by Convertri Badge on for funnel share affiliate links to work.) Click Settings in the left hand menu, and make sure you’ve entered your PayPal address to receive payments.
  2. Navigate to the Funnels screen, and click More next to the funnel you wish to share. Copy the Share link, and paste it anywhere you want to promote your awesome work and affiliation with Convertri.

  3. Back in the Affiliate screen, you’ll be able to view the funnel share links you generate as well as their performance statistics.

Anyone who clicks your funnel share link and is already a member of Convertri will see the funnel straightaway, and be able to add it to their account. Anyone who isn’t a member will see a sales page, and will have the funnel imported automatically after they sign up.