How to Set Up the Affiliate Badge

Video Tutorial:


Our affiliate program lets you earn recurring commission by displaying a Convertri badge on your site.

  • you will get 30% of every payment made by any account created thanks to any of your affiliate links
  • commission is paid on Fridays, 30 days after payment
  • if your signup asks for a refund (or partial refund) of their payment, you’ll get commission of the original payment minus the refunded amount
  • signups that do not enter a payment method to continue to the free trial will not generate any commission for you as they can't be charged until they setup their payment method

Here’s how to turn it on:

  1. In the Dashboard, click on Affiliate in the top toolbar.
  2. Copy your affiliate link, and paste it anywhere you want to promote your affiliation with Convertri.
  3. In the left hand menu, click Settings. Enter your PayPal email address (this is required to receive payments). Click Save.
  4. Click Payouts in the left hand menu to view your payouts history.

You can also choose whether you want your badge shown across all your sites, or not at all, by turning on Show 'Powered by Convertri' Badge on Your Pages. You can also turn the Convertri badge on and off on individual pages:

  1. Click Campaigns at the top of the page, select the Funnel you want to add an Affiliate badge to.
  2. In Edit Page, click the Page button in the top toolbar, and then click ‘Powered by Convertri’ Badge Settings.
  3. Choose whether you want to force the badge to show, switch it off, or default to account-level settings.
  4. Click Done.

TIP: Click Preview or Publish to see the badge in action: it will stick to the bottom right hand corner of your page.

Don’t forget to share your affiliate link with your friends!