Custom Domains: Start Here


In Convertri, you can have as many sites as you want at Convertri subdomains: e.g,

However, if you have your own custom domain, e.g., there are a number of ways to display your Convertri pages on your URL.

NOTE: If you haven't already, buy your domain at a domain registrar. There are many available, and the most popular include Namecheap, Hostgator and GoDaddy.


This is the best method of setting up a custom domain in Convertri. Adding a domain via nameservers lets you manage your domain records from your Convertri Dashboard, you won't need to add additional DNS records and you'll be able to add subdomains more easily. It works best when you want to publish primarily Convertri pages on your site. We provide a redirect service, but only for sites that are registered in Convertri: this makes it impossible to redirect to a non-Convertri site. You will also need to copy over any existing records manually, and he manager screen may work slightly differently to the registrar one you’re used to. This is also the method we can most easily provide support for.

Here's how to set up a domain using nameservers:


This method involves logging into your domain registrar and changing your DNS records to point to Convertri. We have a general guide to doing this, but the exact process will depend on your registrar.

A records, used for the root host of a domain (which cannot have a CNAME record), are not automatically updated - unlike their Convertri equivalent - and so can become incorrect if Convertri’s delivery network used a different or alternative IP. CNAME records do not suffer from this problem, as we keep the records they point to updated regularly.

CNAME is best when your site does a lot of things, and Convertri is only part of your site - e.g, a single funnel.

To find out how to set up a domain using CNAME, click here:


The official Convertri Wordpress plugin is an easy-peasy way to display as many Convertri pages as you want on your Wordpress site or blog. You'll need to create new pages in Wordpress for every Convertri page you want to display on your domain, and it means Wordpress must load before your Convertri page, which may affect page load speed.

Here's how to install and use the Wordpress plugin:


If you want full control, you can export your Convertri pages to HTML and upload them to your domain hosted elsewhere. This method is used when you have very little control over the site, and are only able to upload documents. It’s not recommended for fully functioning sales funnels.

Click here to find out how: