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In Convertri, you can have up to 3 Convertri subdomains: e.g,

However, if you have your own custom domain, e.g., there are a number of ways to display your Convertri pages on your URL.  This article describes the best way to achieve what you want.

NOTE: If you haven't already, buy your domain at a domain registrar. There are many available, and the most popular include Namecheap, Hostgator and GoDaddy.

You want to set up and on Convertri:

In this case, use our nameservers.

Adding a domain via nameservers lets you manage your domain records from your Convertri Dashboard, you won't need to add additional DNS records and you'll be able to add subdomains more easily.  You'll be able to force SSL and redirect any domain you've set up this way to any other domain you've got set up on Convertri.  This is also the method we can most easily provide support for.

See this article for a full walkthrough:

Full Walkthrough: Setting Up A New Custom Domain

You want to publish your Convertri pages on a site you already own:

Maybe you've already got a blog or other site you don't want to move published on your domain already, but you want to use the same domain for your Convertri funnels.

In this case, you can use the CNAME method to publish your Convertri pages on a subdomain, like

See this article for a full walkthrough of how to do this:

Full Walkthrough: Publishing Your Convertri Pages On Your Existing Website

You've already got an existing site on, and you want your Convertri pages to be on

If you've got a Wordpress site on, you can achieve this using the Wordpress plugin.

If you've got a different kind of site there, you can use our HTML export feature and then add the file via FTP.

Note that we STRONGLY, STRONGLY recommend you publish on a subdomain using the CNAME method explained above, rather than use the plugin or HTML export.  Convertri pages using these methods are provided via iFrame, and not every Convertri feature (and some tracking) will work, and you also won't benefit as much from our load speed optimisations.  If you do use these methods, make sure you check your pages thoroughly before driving traffic.

Here's how to install and use the Wordpress plugin:

Here's how to use the HTML export feature:

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