How to Refund a Purchase

Video Tutorial:


If you need to issue a refund to someone who’s placed an order via your Convertri page, follow this method – it’s easy and painless.

  1. In the Dashboard, click on Cart on the top menu, the click Orders on the left side menu.
  2. Find the order you want to refund by scrolling, or using the Search box. Click on Details next to it.
  3. Click Refund, then OK.
  4. A confirmation message will appear, and the order status will change to Refunded. The order will still be viewable in the Orders screen, but its Revenue will now display an arrow with the refunded amount.Refunding a recurring payment will not stop the subscription itself - it will only refund one payment.

Tip: your customer will be billed again on the next billing cycle if you do not separately cancel their subscription.