How to Apply Behaviours to Container Elements

Video Tutorial:


Placing elements in a container makes it easy to apply behaviours to the whole group. Here’s how to do it:

  1. In the Page Builder, drag a Panel element onto your page. This will act as your container, and you can choose to make it semi or fully transparent in the Properties panel.
  2. Next, drag over the elements you want inside your container.
  3. Make sure all element boundaries are within your container panel. You can use the Send Backward and Send Forward buttons in the Quick Actions toolbar to make sure everything is on top, and within the panel.
  4. Select the container panel, and in the Properties panel, click General Properties and enter a name for it.
  5. Click on Actions in the top toolbar, and under Element Triggers, choose your trigger, behaviour, and set your container’s name as the subject.
  6. Click the button marked Affects Contained Contents to make the behaviour affect all elements contained within the panel. Turning this option off will make the behaviour affect the panel itself only.