Using the Dashboard and Creating a Funnel

Video Tutorial:


Funnels are collections of pages. You might use them to collect together pages used for a single sales funnel, or maybe pages for a mini-site. It won’t matter to Convertri how you’re planning on using these pages – if you think of funnels in much the same way you think of folders for files on your computer you won’t go far wrong.

Every funnel has a domain attached to it which is where the pages in that funnel will be published. You can have multiple funnels on a single domain.

To create a new funnel:

  1. Go to your dashboard, and then click on the blue ‘Create New’ button toward the top-right.
  2. You’ll see a dialog open. Enter the funnel name.
  3. Choose which domain you want to use from the dropdown list. You can use the search feature if you’ve got a lot of domains set up. (If you need to set up a new domain for this funnel, click here.)

Your funnel will be set up, and you’ll automatically be taken inside ready to set up your pages.

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