How to Create a Sticky Header

Video Tutorial:


Sticky headers are great for attention bars, menus, or messages you want to keep in your audience’s view.

  1. In the Page Builder, click the Layers button in the top toolbar. Click Add New Layer. Give your layer a name, and click OK. Click the eye icon to select it.
  2. From the Elements Panel, drag a panel element onto the canvas. Click Full Width in the Quick Access toolbar, make it smaller by dragging the handles, and position it at the top of your page. (You can also change the panel color by selecting the panel, and clicking Background in the Properties panel.)
  3. Add any elements you want to include in your sticky header, and make sure they’re contained within the panel element.
  4. In the Layers panel, click the Visible icon next to your header layer to make sure it’s visible on page load, and turn the Scrollable option off.

Click Save, and Preview. Your page should load and scroll as normal, while your header layer stays fixed to the top of the page.