How to Create a Close Link on a Layer

Video Tutorial:


If you’ve created a popup which appears when a user exhibits a behaviour or after an elapsed time, you need to add a way for the user to exit the popup.

  1. In the Page Builder, click the Layers button in the top toolbar. Make sure your layer is selected by checking the Select checkbox.
  2. In the Elements Panel, click to add a text element, or Submit button form input element to the canvas.
  3. Click inside the text element, and type ‘Close’. Or, if you have a button, click to select it, click General Properties in the Properties Panel and change the button label to ‘Close’.
  4. With your Close element selected, click Actions in the top toolbar. Under Element Triggers, click the plus icon to add a new action.
  5. Click the Trigger dropdown, and choose Click. In the Behaviour dropdown, choose Fade Out, and under the Subject dropdown, choose your layer.

Click Save, then Preview to see your page. After you trigger your layer, click on your Close button, and the layer should disappear.