How to Create a Close Link on a Layer

Video Tutorial:


If you’ve created a popup which appears when a user exhibits a behaviour or after an elapsed time, you need to add a way for the user to exit the popup.

  1. In the Page Builder, click the Layers button in the top toolbar. Make sure your layer is selected by checking the Select checkbox.
  2. Click or drag a text element or Submit button form input element onto your layer (it's best to keep everything contained within a panel). Click inside the text element, and type ‘Close’. Or, if you have a button, click to select it, go to Element Properties > General Settings and change the button label to ‘Close’. Position it in the top right hand corner of your panel, making sure it’s contained.

  3. Select your close button and go to Properties panel > Actions and Events. Click Add New Action, and configure the action as follows:
    Event Type > On Click
    Action > Fade Out
    Target > (the name of your layer) and switch on Include Contained Elements
  4. Click Save, then Preview.

After the number of seconds you specify, your pop up should appear. Click the Close button, and it should close.

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