Scenarios Overview

In Simulatri our Scenarios feature allows you to create different versions of your funnel design and compare them against each other so that you can prepare for every eventuality.

With Scenarios you won’t have to rebuild the same funnel a ton of times to test a load of different outcomes. Instead, you can use the Scenarios feature to create an exact copy of your funnel design which you can then edit and run alongside your original to see which performs better.

Please Note: The Scenarios feature is only available to Simulatri Pro users. If you wish to upgrade or enquire as to what level of subscription you currently own, please email

Using Scenarios

  1. To create a new scenario, in the funnel designer click ‘Scenarios’ on the top toolbar:

This will open the scenarios modal. Here you’ll see your current scenarios. You can have up to 5 scenarios per funnel design. 

   2. To create a new scenario, click ‘Create New’. 

   3. Then in the dialogue box give your scenario a name and click ‘Create’.

This will set your newly created scenario as the active scenario. 

   4. To start editing simply click the ‘X’ button in the top left of the modal and the canvas will re-open.

Once the canvas has reopened you can make any changes you want and they will only be applied to the currently selected scenario. So if you want to increase sales, or decrease traffic costs for a best case scenario, simply edit the relevant settings and your changes will only be applied to the selected scenario.

To swap between scenarios, just open the scenarios modal and click ‘select’ next to the scenario you wish to edit. The canvas will reopen automatically and this will then become the active scenario. You will be able to see which scenario you are editing from the indicator in the top left corner, next to your funnel design name.

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