How To Undo and Redo Funnel Design Edits



In Simulatri, you can use the undo and redo buttons to reverse changes that you have made in the designer, or reapply any changes that you may have accidentally undone.


To use the undo feature you will need to have made some changes to your funnel design in the designer. 

If you want those changes to be undone, simply click the undo button in the top left corner of the funnel designer.

Clicking the undo button will undo changes one at a time, so if you want to undo multiple changes, simply click the button however many times you need to.


In the event that you undo too many changes, so that you lose work that you have done, you can use the redo button to reverse those changes. 

Clicking the redo button will reverse the latest change made by clicking the undo button and can be used multiple times to redo multiple changes, just like the undo button.

Please Note: The redo button will only be available once you have used the undo button.

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