How To Rename A Funnel Page


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In Simulatri, you can rename your elements in your funnel design so it’s easy to tell your elements apart.

To do this in the Funnel Designer:

  1. Select the element that you want to rename.
  2. Open the element properties, by clicking on the blue ‘Element Properties’ button, unless they are already open when the element is selected.
  3. Now open the ‘General Properties’ for that element. 

Please Note: For some elements, such as Webinar, Autoresponder and Traffic elements the element name input will be there as soon as you open the element properties, so you won’t need to open element properties. For others such as page elements, you will need to open the ‘General Properties’ within ‘Element Properties’.

   4. Then under the ‘Element Name’ heading enter your element name in the box.

Once you have done this, your new element name will be displayed on the element, as shown below.

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