How To Keep Track of Inventory


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You can keep track of your inventory with Convertri so that you know how many products you have at a time and you can also stop users from buying a product if it is out of stock. 

To set this up:

1. Go to the Cart dashboard and select Products from the left hand menu.
2. You can either click the blue ‘New Product’ button or Edit on an existing product.
3. The fourth option on the left hand side in the Product modal is labelled ‘Inventory’. Select this.
4.You will see the screen below, toggle on ‘Track Inventory’ to start tracking. :

Here you can see how many units of this product are still available. To add more available units, type into the box below ‘Add extra units’ the number you wish to add and click the blue ‘Add’ button.
5. When you’re happy with these changes, click Save.
Republish any pages which have this product on for this to take effect.
Whenever someone makes a purchase, the number of available units will decrease. When this reaches zero, you can stop people from buying more. If your unit numbers hits zero, and someone tries to open the product checkout, they will see this:

If you want to be able to keep selling products, even after you have run out of stock, just toggle the ‘Allow sales when out of stock’ on in the Product Modal. This means your user will not be able to see the ‘Out of Stock’ message shown earlier in the article.