How To Set-Up Fulfillment Tracking



Fulfilment tracking let’s see you what you have sent off and what you still need to send to consumers. Convertri has this so you can see the fulfilment of orders in your Order screen, so you can keep a track of everything easily.

How To Add Fulfilment Tracking To An Order:
1. Go to the Cart Dashboard.
2. Either click New Product to create a new product with fulfilment or click Edit on the product you want to add fulfilment to.
3. Choose Fulfilment from the left hand menu options in the pop-up.
4. Toggle on ‘Track Fulfilment’ to add this to the product.

5. Click Save and you’re all set up.
How To View/Edit Fulfilment Tracking On An Order:
1. Go to the Cart dashboard and select Orders from the left-hand menu.
2. For products you have turned on fulfilment tracking for, you will see an ‘Unfulfilled’ label on the product.

3. To change this, go to ‘Details’ on the order and scroll to the Payments section
4. Here you will see a blue box in the fulfilment column, labelled ‘Unfulfilled’.

5. Select this and this will change to the date that the order was fulfilled on.
If you need to undo this, you can select the ‘Undo’ text next to the date of fulfilment and it will change back to unfulfilled.
This data will also be recorded when you download your order data, columns have been added for whether the product has been fulfilled and when this happened.