Orders Overview



The Orders screen is where you can view a complete history for the purchases made on your Convertri page.

Orders are listed in reverse chronological order, displaying the prospect’s name, the product they bought, the revenue the order generated, and how many days ago the order was completed.

  1. To find the Orders screen, click on the Cart icon on the top-right of the screen.
  2. Then click on Orders from the menu on the left.

Search Box

The search terms don’t need to be case-sensitive. You can search using a partial-term - so if there is a customer called Juan Roman, searching for ‘rom’ should pick up his orders. Your search can be using either the product name or the prospect name.

If you want to sort results by Earnings or Order Date, select the option you want from the drop-down menu.

TIP: You can filter your orders so that only those orders matching your criteria will be downloaded.

Subscription Payments

Once you open your order details for a specific order, you can now see whether or not the user gave permission for subscription payments.

If a user gave permission for subscription payments at checkout then a green tick will appear next to ‘Subscription Payments’:

Test orders and how to use them

After setting up a product the next step is to test it, which will create orders that you don't want to include with your live sales. To make sure those test orders are accounted for you can mark them as test orders.

To do that:

1. Click edit on any available orders.

2. Click Test order on top of the page.

3. Navigate back to the Orders screen, then click Test Order next to Download.

When you are having trouble seeing your Product name (product names go to a '…' after a few characters) in the Orders dashboard because of your smaller monitor size. Just hover over the product name itself. A tooltip will appear showing Product name in full. This feature also available in Products dashboard.

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