How To Add Custom Fonts

NB: This is only available to Pro and Agency users.



You can now add any font of your choice to Convertri, so you are not limited to Convertri’s fonts or Google Fonts. Please be aware of the relevant permissions for this. If a font says it is only Free for personal use, please only use it as intended. Once you have your font file download, we are ready to go!

1. Open up the page editor. It doesn’t matter which one as fonts are universal to your whole account, so once added the font will be available on every page.

2. On the top toolbar, you will see the option for Fonts, select this.

3. Convertri’s Font Manager will open, here you can control all of the fonts within your account.

4. Select the third option, Custom Fonts. In here is where you can add custom fonts and manage the ones you have.  

5. Select the blue Upload button on the right hand side to upload a new font, or simply drag the font file into the Font Manager pop-up.

Note: Convertri can’t read the font file so it doesn’t know what it contains. So if you were to upload a font file that doesn’t contain a bold variant, and you then try to make it bold, Convertri would not be able to do this.

6. Once you have added a font, you can hover over it to see the options to edit it. There is a Disable button, which means it does not come up as an option in the font selection dropdown and a bin icon which deletes the font from your account.

7. Once you have added this font, click anywhere off the Font Manager pop-up to make it disappear. Now highlight the text on your page which you wish to use the custom font on.  The far left option on the top toolbar is the font selector and your custom font will now appear in this list.

Now you’re all set up with your new custom font and ready to stand out from the crowd!

Please be aware that this is not compatible with fontawesome icons. You can add these as a TTF file but fontawesome and Convertri are unable to work together, so the icon set does not work. You can upload their icons as images if you wish to use them.

NOTE: Convertri doesn't support TTC font file format (multiple fonts into a single file). You can only upload single file font such as a TTF(TrueTypeFont) or OTF(OpenTypeFont) file format.

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