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Every element within Convertri can be edited within the Properties Panel. The editing options can differ depending on the element, but one part they do have in common is the General Properties options. To view these:

1. Select the element you wish to edit.
2. Click on Element Properties on the left-hand side of the toolbar.
3. This opens the Properties panel for this element, select General Properties. You will see this:

4. The first option is Name, which is where you can name the Element so it is easier to find in the future, such as when you wish you create an internal link.
5. The next is Link, which is where you can add a link to an element. Paste in a URL and when your Element is selected, it will take the user to this URL.
6. The options below this, which you can toggle on or off are for the link to open in a separate page and this link to pass on URL parameters.
7. Below this is a dropdown menu where you can select an Internal Link. This means that when this element is clicked, it takes the user to another element on the page. This can be used to create shortcuts around your page for the user.
Note: There is a bin icon next to this if you wish to delete the internal link you have created.
8. Each element has its own Element ID which can be found here. This is a unique identifier for the element, removing confusion further along the line when you have many elements on your page.
9. The final option in here is the Create Collection button which is only available to our Pro and Agency users. This allows you to create a collection for the element/s in question. This is then saved to your account and can be added to any page you want, stopping you from having to create the same elements over and over again.
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