How to Set Quantities of Products

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In Convertri you can now set up custom product quantities so that you can now specify how many of your items your prospects can buy. For example you may only want your customers to be able to buy a particular item in a multiple or 2. If this is the case you would add ‘2,4,6,8,10’, etc. into the quantities field.

To do this:

1.       Go to the cart section of Convertri.

2.       From the left-hand menu select ‘Products’.

3.       Either create a new product or edit an existing product that you want to add custom quantities for.

4.       In the product menu, select quantity from the left hand menu.

5.       Then you can just type in the quantities that you want to be made available to your customers to choose from, in the format shown below.

6.       Now you’ll need to go to the page that you want the product to be available on and open up the page editor.

7.       In the page editor, add the product with your custom variants to the page, using the Products menu.

8.       Once you have added your Open Checkout button, you will then need to add a dropdown form element, so that your users can select the quantity that they want to buy.

9.       Once you have added the dropdown element, select it and in element properties, select quantity from the dropdown options list and then turn custom quantities on so that the toggle has a blue tick.

10.   Once you have done this publish your page and your custom quantities are good to go.

Please Note: If you do not have a product attached to your page or your product has not been set up with custom quantities then the custom quantities toggle will be greyed out.

Your prospect can select their chosen quantity from the list and this will then be added to the total order so that the checkout displays how many quantities are being purchased along with the total cost.

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