How to Use Stripe Test Mode

Video Tutorial:


Testing your checkout before it goes live is essential, but you don’t have to mess around with real payments to make sure it’s working.

Our main payment processor integration, Stripe, has a built-in “test mode” that lets you enter dummy card details as if you were making a real purchase. It’s free and easy, and it works with Convertri’s modal checkout.

NOTE: You'll need to integrate Stripe with your Convertri account first. Make sure you also enter your Stripe test mode keys! Find out how to do that here.

  1. Open your checkout page in the Page Builder, then click Products in the top toolbar.
  2. The Checkout dialog will appear. You should have your product, payment details and redirect URL all set up before you proceed. In the Product tab, toggle Stripe to Test Mode.
  3. Click the link under the Test Mode toggle to be taken to the Stripe help documentation which includes dummy credit card details to use when making a test purchase.
  4. Back in Convertri, click Save and Close to close the Product dialog. A yellow Test badge will appear over the Products button. Next, save and publish your page.
  5. Click to view your page live, and enter the dummy card details from Stripe exactly as you would a normal credit card. (If you have name and email fields the content of these do not matter for the test, however if you have an autoresponder set up they might be subscribed to your list.) Click your Submit button, and check everything’s working as it should.
  6. When you’ve completed the test and are confident your page is ready for live payments, click the Products button once again and toggle Stripe to Live Mode, then click Save and Close.