How to Group Elements

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Grouping elements is useful when you want to move them as one without using a panel, or for editing common properties.

  1. Click the first element you want in your group, then hold SHIFT + click other elements to add them to a multiple selection.
  2. Click Group in the Quick Actions toolbar.

To set how you want the elements in groups to behave in mobile view.

Account level

Click ‘Account’ in the top-menu then ‘Page Settings’ in the left menu. On the Editor section, select in the option ‘Groups in Mobile Design’. Default option is ‘Grouping has no effect’.

NOTE: Setting the grouping behaviour in the Page Settings at the account level does NOT impact the existing pages when changes are made.

Page level

In your Editor, select the grouped element and then go to the Properties Panel. Click Grouping.  By default ‘Grouping has priority’.

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